Topwelltechltd affordable watches help develop the market
Column:Industry News Time:2019-09-11
The smart watch M10 uses a 42mm dial, so its screen display area is slightly smaller than the other 46mm version, but the 1.2-inch round dial is quite enough.

In terms of battery life, the dynamic version uses a 600mAh battery. Thanks to the self-developed system TW and the industry's first dual-engine architecture, it guarantees high-performance operation while perfectly controlling energy consumption.
From the test, it is absolutely no problem to use one week when heart rate and pressure detection are on. Of course, the battery life is also related to the number of bright screens and the amount of mobile phone information pushed. For charging, a charging base that supports the Type-C interface output is used to charge the watch after magnetic contact.

smart watch M10

The smart watch M10 uses a 42mm dial, so its screen display area is slightly smaller than the other 46mm version, but the 1.2-inch round dial is quite enough. The screen uses a power-saving and clear AMOLED color circular screen with a resolution of 390*390. In the case of plenty of sunshine outside, there will still be a good impression.
Many users who have used smart watches know that the interaction between the watch and the mobile phone is nothing more than a message reminder. But after the Topwelltech is connected to the smart watch through the Sports Health App, it brings a whole set of healthy ecosystems to the users. Simply put, it is to buy a watch to send a health butler.
After entering the main interface, we can see all the data monitored by the watch, such as activity, sleep, stress, heart rate. For example, heart rate monitoring function, compared to other smart watches, it is not only to test the heart rate beat, but also to give users specific health guidance.
In addition to heart rate monitoring, the smart watch M10 Vibrant can also monitor sleep quality, accurately identify 6 types of typical sleep problems through real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep breathing quality and big data analysis, and monitor user sleep quality throughout the process.
Although we often say that sports are healthy, they are not separated. But in fact, consumers who care about health do not necessarily use smart watches to exercise science. But the opposite is that people who care about sports are particularly concerned about the science movement. Before the emergence of the Topwelltech M10, professional watches like Garmin and Songtop were the first choice for this type of user, but the high price and closed system made their experience less than ideal. These pain points were greatly improved until the emergence of the smart watch M10.
It is worth mentioning that for indoor and outdoor running, the smart watch M10 has different settings. For example, outdoor running can use GPS to locate trajectories and routes without using a mobile phone, and it also supports GPS (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou) with triple positioning. The running track is more precise, and you don't need to bring a mobile phone after running.
In addition to the design of the moving part, when you press the first button, you will find things like exercise, exercise record, heart rate, activity record, sleep, stress, breathing training, altitude barometer, compass, weather, information, stopwatch, Timers, alarm clocks, flashlights, cell phones, and system settings are all in this function bar. Simply put, even if you don't connect your phone, the Smart Watch M10 can also be used for everyday applications.
In summary, the M10 Vibrant solves the problem of the single function of the traditional smart watch, and also incorporates the professional motion detection function that was only available on high-end sports watches. But thanks to Topwelltechltd's self-developed smart power-saving algorithms, intelligent scene recognition and dual-engine architecture, the topwelltech M10 is a powerful feature with better endurance performance than its competitors.
It is not difficult to see that the smart watch TG03 vitality is currently a product that truly balances daily use with professional sports health. Such a powerful product, the price is only 1388 yuan. In the face of those products from USD600, the competitiveness of Topwelltechltd M10's products can be described as a burst table. Go to the market right away.