Smart watch
Pink white black

Blood pressure measurement: measure blood pressure hourly, or measure blood pressure 

manually. Press and hold to enter into blood pressure measurement interface.

Blood oxygen measurement: measure blood oxygen hourly, or measure blood oxygen 

manually. Press and hold to enter into blood oxygen measurement interface. Sleep monitoring: automatic detection of daily sleep quality

Sleep quality information interface: Measure sleep quality automatically daily.

Training mode: Press and hold the training mode interface to enter. Running, Alpinism, and 

cycling modes are built in. Press and hold to start record exercise time, calories burnt. Press 

to pause. Press and hold to exit current mode. 

More:Find my phone(Press and hold to find, press to stop), Music control(Press and hold to 

enter or exit, press respective button to play, previous song, next song), Message reminder.

Sporty Fashionable

Heart Rate/Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen

Fashion look


Every step is recorded

dial number

Real-time weather update

IP68 waterproof

Replaceable strap

Sleep detection

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