Yes, you should use a security camera to reduce business losses
Column:Industry News Time:2019-09-09
How to reduce the damage in the unmanned cash register mode has become a new proposition in front of the merchants.

Different cameras

Under the influence of the new retail concept, businesses are increasingly pursuing efficiency and user experience. They are actively introducing new technologies and equipment to reduce manual participation, reduce labor costs and create a user experience that is as open and free as possible.
In this context, self-service cash register technology has been rapidly popularized. According to the survey, 66% of consumers agree on self-service cash register technology. According to another data, the annual compound growth rate of self-service cash register equipment is as high as 15.3%, which is very rapid.
However, self-service cash registers increase the efficiency and improve the user experience, while also increasing the risk of commodity theft.
The survey results show that the product steal rate in the German self-checkout environment is about 4%, which is twice the average level in the non-self-checkout environment. In the United States, this ratio is even more disparate, reaching five times as much, causing heavy losses for retailers.
How to reduce the damage in the unmanned cash register mode has become a new proposition in front of the merchants.
To solve this problem, Topwelltechltd has introduced the best smart camera (Kamera)in the MQ11 series for motion detection. When motion detection is triggered, alarm messages are pushed to the mobile device. The MQ11 has an excellent field of view with 360-angle rotation, and the image quality of 1080 has good effects in shopping malls or homes.
According to market research, cameras with anti-theft systems have been in use for 2 years, and the technology is gradually improving and is very popular in the market, especially for business users. From the perspective of the effect, this system can significantly reduce the rate of cargo theft and the loss of inventory.
However, when the system also has a false positive, such as a customer moving quickly near the product or losing sight, an alarm will be triggered. Overall, the system has yet to be further optimized and improved.
The first thing to consider is the cost. As an industry with low overall profit margins, the retail industry is very sensitive to costs. The initial investment of the anti-theft system based on video recognition is huge; in order to balance the input and output, the common practice in the industry is to reuse the existing video surveillance cameras in the mall. This kind of practice has certain defects: the common surveillance camera is characterized by large viewing angle, low resolution, and low image quality, which poses an extremely severe test for the recognition algorithm. In order to create a good business environment, a new round of replacement in the shopping mall industry is essential.
Topwelltechltd's high cost performance has achieved a good advantage in the market. Whether it is product quality or practicality, it plans to further develop, optimize the system's algorithms, provide better services, and prepare for the development of the smart camera market.